Dear RoxFit Team,

I have some amazing news to share with you!  Starting September 01, 2016 I have moved to:

Hostyle Conditioning located at 1977-A St-Joseph Blvd., Lower Level, Orleans, ON K1C 1E5
Visit their website at for more information on the facility.

RoxFit team will be training in the new HANGAR gym, have a sneak peek at this cool gym!

This move is great because it will allow us to train with more equipment and have amazing resources available to us such as supplements, cool gear, special programs and more. 

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I will be running the Little Black Dress Project starting August 23rd 2016.  Want to join-in the next LBD?  Check it out:

We hope to add more programs in the future too.  How exciting is that?

Why hire a personal trainer?

First thing's first, identify your goal. You may be looking to increase your energy, you may want to decrease your body fat (lose weight), you may be looking to live healthier, or perhaps you'd like to build more muscle. Are you training for a race? Would you like to eventually run a marathon? These are all goals that we dream of and some some of us have thought for a long time that they are not attainable. Well, we were wrong.

A Personal Trainer will help you achieve your goals by prescribing a safe and effective workout program that is tailored to meet your specific needs. A Personal Trainer will ensure that you stay on track with your workouts while you take part in the program. A Personal Trainer gives you 100% full attention during your scheduled workouts in order to maximize the effectiveness with each workout session.  

What is stopping you?

Is it time constraints?  Are you low on energy?  Are you scared of the unknown?  Do you think you can't do it? Do your legs hurt when you walk?  Are you lazy and are afraid to admit it?  Do you just "need" your time to "wind down" or "relax" after a hard stressful day at work?
Do you realize that these are just excuses?  Your "me" time is important.  Your workouts should be scheduled just like anything else in life.  Prioritize your self improvement time because you are worth your time more than anyone else.

What is intimidating you?

Do you want a gym membership, but you fear the word "gym" and you fear the huge misconceptions of the atmosphere and environment that a gym presents?  Do you know that you are wrong?

What is making you feel overwhelmed?

Is it the people?  Is it the equipment?  Is it the size of the facility?  It’s very simple!  You just need direction.  You need an action plan.  Once you have a plan, you will focus on your plan and nothing else.  Everyone else in the gym has a goal, just like you.

Don't know where to start?

Start by hiring RoxFit as your personal trainer.  We will design a functional personalized program that suits your specific needs and fits into your lifestyle.  Whether you have a gym membership already or you want to start a home workout, there are an abundance of options for YOU!