"It's been 8 weeks since I began working out with Rox and today I hit a little milestone. I knew that she was the right fit for me the first day we met, she believed in me when I hadn't any more. I cried through our first workout together because I was so mad that I "let myself go." She pushes me everyday past my "I can't" and shows me how she sees me and wants me to see that in myself. I feel healthier, stronger and most of all I have a glimpse of what she sees in me back. You rock Roxy Rox and I'm so glad to have you as my trainer and for introducing me to a great group of ladies and a kickass gym!! I have found 'my place'. Je t'aime. xx "

Shonda Horton

"I've had the privilege of working out with Roxy for the last couple of years off and on.  The thing that I love about Roxy is her motivation.  She's gifted when it comes to transferring her own energy into your workout.  She meets you where you are and she brings you to where you need to be.  When you think you have nothing left to give Roxy stands right beside you.  She doesn't stand on the sidelines and give you instructions she stands right beside you and brings you along with her.  So at the end of the day you question how you got here?  And you realize that it was only with Roxy's help that you were able to accomplish.  When I look at Roxy and I realize the journey that she's come along, it lends credibility.  It makes me believe that if she can do it, I can do it as well.  She barks when she needs to bark but at the end of the day you know that you have connected with somebody that has your interest and I truly believe that if you are willing to invest in Roxy, then Roxy's return on your investment will be invaluable."

Tracy Henderson

Having made the decision to take charge of my health and fitness I searched for the right Coach to help me figure out the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ of it all --- a bit of luck, and more than a bit of serendipity, resulted in my meeting Roxy. That was six months ago, and now I can’t imagine working out/training without her advice and guidance! Three ‘words’ to describe Roxy and her coaching style: 1) knows-her-stuff; 2) inspires-me-every-session; 3) cares-about-my-needs-and-goals. She clearly explains the purpose and impact of specifically-selected exercises; she motivates me to work hard to get results; she knows exactly when I need to be challenged and when I need support; she makes our sessions fun and something to look forward to... just a few of the things I appreciate most about Roxy.

I like to say that I have been “Roxy’ed”– a very good thing to be. Do yourself a huge favour and start the Roxyfying process today – you too will soon be a stronger and healthier you. Thanks, Coach - you are awesome!

Louise Currier, Delighted client

"I've been going to the gym for 4 years and I always just took the classes because I was embarrassed that I didn't know how to use the equipment properly or know what exactly to do on my own.  That's where Roxy comes in. She agreed to meet with me and I followed her lead.  She was beside me for every exercise and encouraged me and pushed me to keep going.   I had the best, most intense work outs I've ever had.  She has inspired me and made me feel really good about myself.  I would trust her 100 %."

Crystal Hill

"You can tell the enjoyment in your work.  You will do good"

André Archambault