EST. 2013



RoxFit will design a specialized workout program that you will be able to do on your own, whether at your gym or at home, whatever your situation calls for, the program will be designed specifically for you 

The plan also comes with a 7-day meal plan to help kickstart your goals

Following a fitness assessment, recommended guidelines of daily calorie & macros (protein, carbs & fat) intake is provided based on goals

Plan Cost: $225.00 + $85.00 In-Person Exercise Instruction & Demonstration session

Plan Revision Cost: $150.00 + $85.00 In-Person Exercise Instruction & Demonstration session

All prices are subject to HST

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  • Find your big Why? and discover your self worth.
  • Getting started in fitness is fun and exciting. 
  • A positive mind holds all the power.
  • Discover how to find the proper help for your fitness goals. 
  • Learn what you need in order to apply a fitness plan and have fun.
  • Set an appropriate expectation of results and don't fall in the trap of information overload. 
  • Master the grind and overcome daily obstacles when it comes to you and your fitness.
  • The real deal about motivation, accountability and support systems.
  • Taking you back to basics with nutrition.
  • Helpful tips for the maintenance phase.

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