EST. 2013



Train with a friend or partner and split the cost of a semi-private session

Sessions are 55 minutes & incorporates conditioning mixed with weight training as required

Twice or three times per week, depending on client requirements and goals

40 sessions or more: $95.00/session at a frequency of 2 sessions per week

Less than 40 sessions: $105.00/session at a frequency of 2 sessions per week

Also includes a 7-day meal plan to help kickstart your goals

Following a fitness assessment, recommended guidelines of daily calorie & macros (protein, carbs & fat) intake is provided based on goals

All prices are subject to HST

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  • Find your big Why? and discover your self worth.
  • Getting started in fitness is fun and exciting. 
  • A positive mind holds all the power.
  • Discover how to find the proper help for your fitness goals. 
  • Learn what you need in order to apply a fitness plan and have fun.
  • Set an appropriate expectation of results and don't fall in the trap of information overload. 
  • Master the grind and overcome daily obstacles when it comes to you and your fitness.
  • The real deal about motivation, accountability and support systems.
  • Taking you back to basics with nutrition.
  • Helpful tips for the maintenance phase.

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